Get served right! Swift service, improved efficiencies and satisfied customers times. We bring you modern virtual queue management solutions from Tensator. Allow the correct member of staff to be matched to your customers’ requirements. Customers feel that they are being served as soon as they enter your environment. Recognized as the global leader in the management of the customer journey. Their queue management and customer journey solutions are proven to generate revenues, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. In fact their core proposition is all about ‘making and saving money’ for the customers. It is the vendor of choice when it comes to choosing the right solution to meet your queue management and customer journey needs. Significantly improving customer throughput, increase sales and profitability.

Improve productivity and operational efficiencies. Minimize customer-waiting times and reduce frustrations. Increase satisfaction levels and improve customer retention rates. Make waiting time informative and entertaining with the largest range of electronic call forward systems; virtual queuing technology; digital media platforms including the Tensator Virtual Assistant; in-queue merchandising; crowd and access control solutions; display and signage devices; and self-service systems. Tensator is also the inventor of the famous Tensabarrier the most respected barrier in the world. With heritage dating back to 1881, with a wealth of experience in providing customer guidance, queue management and customer journey solutions to the Retail, Transportation, Finance, Health & Safety, Events & Hospitality and Public Sector.


Tensator is a global company that provides customer journey and queue management solutions to a worldwide audience across vertical industries. Key market sectors within which we have seen huge success and possess a high degree of expertise and knowledge include:

  • Airport and Transport
  • Finance
  • Health & Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Events

With proven expertise and industry know-how, Tensator’s solutions can help clients reduce operational efficiencies, increase productivity and as a result have a direct positive impact on their bottom line profits. Each vertical industry faces different challenges and concerns; however regardless of sector the client benefit of making and saving money is consistent. By placing utmost importance on providing an enjoyable, efficient and profitable customer journey, Tensator’s clients benefit from operational savings, improved profits and rapid ROI, whilst gaining improved customer satisfaction ratings.

With US clients ranging from Arby’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Borgata Resort & Casino, Boston Logan Airport, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Cablevision, Duane Reade, Hershey Park, Hertz Rent a Car, Honey Baked Ham, Harbor Freight, JC Penney, Johns Hopkins University, Kaiser Permanente, Marriott International, Inc., McDonald’s, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Radio Shack, Ross Dress for Less, Rutgers University, Sotheby’s, Sysco, TJX, Turning Stone Resort & Casino and Walgreens, to name but a few.. You can be sure that you’re in good company.

eQ™ Virtual-Queuing

The Tensator Virtual Queue-Management solutions allow the correct member of staff to be matched to your customers’ requirements. Customers feel that they are being served as soon as they enter your environment, with a positive experience of ‘first come first served’ and the added benefit of being able to relax, browse or shop while they wait.


The Tensator Virtual Assistant is a next generation digital signage solution that is designed to enhance both the customer experience and the company brand. The Tensator Virtual Assistant uses cutting edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person, acting as an interactive informational and instructional tool for space owners.


eQ™ Virtual-Queuing


(1) The customer takes, or is given, a ticket for their intended service. (Customers can also pre book appointments via reception or the self-service kiosks.)

(2) The customer is free to browse, relax or watch media on the screens while they wait. (This is a common process which every customer is already familiar with.)

(3) The ticket informs the customer of their position in the queue, time of entry and their expected waiting time. (Promotions and messages can also be printed on the ticket.)

(4) When the next operator is free, the customer is called forward for service. (The customer is guaranteed to have a pleasant experience.)


Tensator’s Inline solution provides queue management, quality of service, multimedia content and human resource allocation in a branch or a branch network. Inline is a completely web-based solution that delivers reliable statistics using real data.

With a wide range of software and hardware options options, Tensator can provide organizations with a customized virtual queuing solution to meet specific requirements. Achieving a completely integrated solution is easy with central and dispersed architectures, simple web-based solutions, and more complex CRM integration available.

Inline can also be used in conjunction with Step-in people counting, Corporate and Multi-Service Machines. Statistical data enables managers and decision makers of organizations in retail, finance, healthcare and public sectors to:

  • Provide self-serve, reception managed or both in order to provide flexibility and ensure specialist customer requirements are met.
  • Ensure swifter service times, improved operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction by matching correct staff members to customer requirements.
  • Optimize available resources delivering service level improvements and cost savings.
  • Monitor queue flow in real time allowing for staff to be re-allocated before queues grow too long.
  • Reduce waiting times and improve customer convenience by allowing customers to book appointments themselves, either online or on-premise.
  • Promote products and services to customers whilst they queue through displaying media alongside ticket number and service updates.
  • Receive automatic and real time statistical data analysis enabling service usage analysis and redistribution of resources or process changes based on real data.
  • Completely customize the solution in-house via a web-based management software tool allowing changes to video, tickets, images, scrolling text etc. Specialized training will provide the knowledge required to do this.
  • Benefit from a scalable solution as there’s no theoretical limit to the size of the system, it can be expanded to allow for multiple users through the use of software call buttons etc.
  • Maintain the human factor with all vocal announcements being in a human voice, not computer generated.




  • The WOW factor; the audience is presented with an innovative way of experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging.
  • Completely customizable digital signage solution which can fit any brand image and messaging.
  • Brings messages to life, tells a story; one of the most innovative and engaging digital signage products available.
  • Influences behavioral change: Connects with the audience providing an entertaining, engaging experience and delivering consistent and clear messages via visual and audible cues.
  • Proven to increase sales by up to 75% as well as traffic & dwell time by up to 50%. 
  • Improve 3rd party advertising revenue streams and generate ROI within 1 year.
  • Improves efficiency and allows redeployment of employees.
  • Works 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Guaranteed message consistency: information is expressed in the way it is meant every time – without loss of quality in delivery.
  • Interactive tool be used as a virtual helpdesk.
  • Multi-lingual: Ability to speak in any language.
  • Future proof solution: Provides a lower cost of ownership and a sound longer term investment for the operator.


Tensator eQ™ Virtual-Queuing & Virtual-Assitant has been installed in many establishments across the world. Our market leading technology has allowed us to provide our customers great results. Feel free to explore just a handful of all of our global installations from the map below and view the many comments we’ve received from our customers. You’ll find that all of our customers have been extremely pleased with what we’ve been able achieve; especially from our Virtual-Assistant package.


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